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When Is Jupiter Retrograde Over? Youll See These Changes When The Planet Goes Direct

However, if you've had a smooth Jupiter retrograde, the energy of Jupiter could leave you feeling overconfident, which could lead to some personal and professional gaffes. Is you're feeling like an unstoppable boss, it's best to be humble so you don't become your own worst enemy. No matter how the last five months have treated you, everyone could have a rocky few days when Jupiter is station direct. "The immediate or short-term influence presents some challenges but the long-term outlook is very hopeful," Astrologer Jamie Partridge explained on Astrology King. "[After] the Jupiter retrograde phase , you may be left with some imbalance that needs correcting. Perhaps you have become too self obsessed, self-indulgent or greedy. [...] The imbalance may also be associated with the level of emotional support and nourishment you give and receive within a relationship, especially with your partner or family members." Jupiter retrograde should be looked as an information-gathering experience, and just because it's coming to an end doesn't mean you should close the book on the last five months and forget everything you've learned. Being overconfident or overextending yourself could lead to mistakes or serious lapses in judgement. This is why it's key to make sure to refer back to what you've learned during the past five months before acting impulsively.

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